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​Before pictures of our Noah .

Story by Carmen Ward, Shelter Manager
​Noah is no longer a starving, sickly creature. He is a big, chubby healthy kitty! We love him to bits and enjoy sharing this amazing boy with you. Please remember that winter is coming.....we need to make sure all the homeless cats and dogs are safe from Old Man Winter. Keep your eyes and ears open, and call us at the shelter if you know of an animal in need.

We lost our special Noah on December 19, 2016.  He will always be a special part of our organization.   We love and miss you everyday, Noah.

I named him Noah, a gentle name for a gentleman. Noah started to put on weight and began to move more. We allowed him to spend time outside of his kennel for exercise, then one day I just didn't put him back into his kennel. Noah now spends his days in my office. You can find him either on one of the beds or in my desk drawer.Noah has no interest in outside whatsoever! He actually looks out the window with a sense of fear. The outside wasn't kind to him....he suffered a long cold winter and when we found him he was within hours of death. If it wasn't for that kind man in Creighton calling us...Noah would be dead.
We took him back to the shelter to take care of him the best we could. We got him special news paper litter because the clay litter would cling to his open wounds. He laid on his comfy bed and pretty much just slept and ate for a few weeks. He would shuffle himself to his litter box, he never had an accident. We took him to the vet for a check up. The doctor believes the damage to his back legs was caused by such severe frost bite that it severed both his Achilles Tendons. It took a few months for the large wounds in his heels to close....but we did it ! Daily soaking of his heels and proper bandaging did the trick. Noah will never be able to walk properly, he will always shuffle.
I found a orange tabby crouched under an old quad, unable to move. Not knowing how he would react to me picking him up, I did my best to slowly handle him and pick him up. He allowed me to without a fight. He was a big boy, his body now in starvation mode, frost bite like I had never seen before. Not only were his ears severely damaged, but his pads on his paws were lifting and his hocks on both back legs had no skin and had deep wounds.

This is Noah's Story

This is Noah

It was late March 2013, when we received a phone call for help from a man in Creighton. He could hear the cries of a cat in distress coming from his neighbours shed. Gail, my daughter Hannah and I grabbed a carrier and left quickly not knowing what we would find. When I approached the shed a mournful cry was heard. 

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